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Our products can be found at our various vending machine locations and in local stores (or sometimes both!). This map key indicates what each marker represents to make your shopping experience seamless.

About Us

Delta 88 is the first luxury CBD brand to put quality at the forefront of every decision. Our purpose is to provide superior CBD & Delta 8 products in a convenient, accessible, and fun way while leveraging high–end technology to create a VIP experience for all.


Our mission

Is to make quality CBD and Delta 8 products accessible to all who need it and to transform the mindset of hemp products into a more positive light so that everyone 21+ can reap the benefits that hemp has to offer.

Our vision
Is a world where high–end technology and CBD meet to create a quality experience for all.

The fundamental challenges common to all CBD & Delta 8 brands is one of legality and misinformation. Although Delta 8 THC is legal it remains unregulated at the federal level. The ugly truth is that not all companies do their due diligence to be transparent with what they put in their products, making it dangerous for those who don’t do their own research.

One of our core missions is to make sure that we provide an abundance of education on CBD & Delta 8 making it easy for our customers to understand exactly what they’re putting inside their bodies. On top of that, our hemp is grown on a USDA certified farm made from organic hemp plants and comes with a certificate of analysis (COA) guaranteeing the quality and purity of our products. Result At Delta 88, we have the power to not only be a pioneer and champion for quality hemp education but to also be the gold standard in the hemp industry by providing superior products in innovative and futuristic ways.


We value sustainability, quality clean ingredients, luxury, education, the environment and above all, your health.


From researching and choosing the most potent ingredients to vetting where and how they’re sourced, all of our formulations are developed with a conscious approach to people and our planet.

We seek out ingredients that are transformative, balancing, nourishing, and support mental and physical health. The result is ground-breaking formulas that not only tastes great but feel great.

We relentlessly pursue world-class results, quality products should never sacrifice world-class experience. In fact, we work with the most distinguished labs in the world to create products made from ingredients that are as luxurious and high-quality as it gets. On top of that, our vending machines are likely unlike any vending machines you’ve seen out there. They are equipped with artificial intelligent technology to give a personalized VIP experience to each customer. It’s really a machine of the future and a whole experience!

We believe in clean, eco-conscious ingredients and formulas which is why all our hemp is grown in North America on USDA certified organic farms. We source our hemp from Wellbeing Farms which is 1600 acres of prime hemp approved land, near Fresno CA. Education The hemp plant can provide an abundance of mental, physical, and neurological benefits. We strongly believe that by providing quality education about hemp & CBD and being an outspoken champion of transparency, we will be able to make a positive impact on the world.


Our personality is deliberately human. We love luxury, but don’t take ourselves too seriously. We are a group of hard workers and go-getters who value inclusion, individuality, hard work, and doing right by people


We work hard play hard. We are a group of individuals who makes sure that only quality work is put out there. We also acknowledge that a good work life balance is essential to the overall wellness of the individual as well as the company as a whole.

We are a company that believes in diversity in all sense of the word. We believe that the strongest and most effective teams are made up of a group of individuals that are unlike each other. Each person brings their own individuality, value, unique strengths, and perspectives to the team that make us a force to be reckoned with.

We never want to be described as: bitter, strict, negative, spiteful, greedy, or disrespectful.

Words that best describe our personality are: focused, smart, efficient, thorough, togetherness, positive, uplifting, witty, playful, diverse, optimistic and generous.

We admire and respect others and communicate in a way that is smart, caring, inclusive and curious. We demonstrate our commitment to being customer-centric by placing those humans at the centre of every communication, not ourselves.